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Looking for a fun challenge for your students? Want them to explore and learn while feeling empowered to solve real world problems? Check out The Wonder Challenge. Your students are invited to participate weekly to solve mini challenges related to not so mini real world problems. Solve as many as you can to be eligible for some amazing prizes.. No robot needed for some of the challenges.

Lessons in The Wonder Challenge:

  1. 1 Dash's Gather and GO

  2. 2 Move it Along

  3. 3 Dash Community Hero

  4. 4 Robot Distancing with Dash

  5. 5 Social Distancing with Dash, Part 2

  6. 6 Social Distancing with Dash, Part 3

  7. 7 Dash's PSA

  8. 8 Dash's Song

  9. 9 Dash the Helper

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