The Wonder Challenge

Ready to get those brain wheels turning? Join us for The Wonder Challenge, where we will be releasing a new challenge each week from April 20th till June 22nd, 2020. You can do as many challenges as you would like. Your challenge submissions then serve as your entry into winning some amazing prizes. Each challenge submission gets you closer to bigger prizes. Complete 3 missions for your chance at wining a "Bronze" prize, 6 for a "Silver" prize and all 9 for a GOLD prize! Winners will be randomly chosen for each tier at the end. 

Each challenge is part of a larger challenge. For example, challenges 1-3 all go together and build upon one another, but can be done separately if you so choose.  

Don't have a robot? Don't worry, we will have challenges that don't require a robot, just some brain power and some everyday items that you can find at home. 

Official Rules

9 Lessons

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9 Lessons in The Wonder Challenge:

Challenge 1:

Dash's Gather and GO

Challenge 2

Move it Along

Challenge 3:

Dash Community Hero

Challenge 4

Robot Distancing with Dash

Challenge 5

Social Distancing with Dash, Part 2

Challenge 6

Social Distancing with Dash, Part 3

Challenge 7

Dash's PSA

Challenge 8

Dash's Song